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Senior Community Developer Griffin Living Announces its Development Slate for the 2020 and Beyond

 Griffin Living is a highly experienced, award-winning, senior community developer. Here is a partial list of projects they will be working on in 2020.

West Oaks Project Summary

  • Assisted Living | Memory Care
  • Architect: Irwin Partners Architects
  • Owned by: Griffin Family Trust
  • Developer: Griffin Living
  • Funding Partner: Canyon Realty Advisors LLC
  • Total Building Count: 86 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 58 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 28 Units
  • Gross Building Area: 103,704 sq ft.
  • Rentable sq ft: 43,983

Griffin Living’s West Oaks Project in Thousand Oaks, CA is an assisted living and memory care facility. It is being built in a section of city that had proved difficult to develop in because of residents’ concerns with traffic. However Griffin has been able to make the development happen by working residents to improve infrastructure and prevent traffic and that has earned Griffin Living neighborhood support. Thousand Oaks, California Mayor, Andy Fox has said, “This is a classic case study of how to do it right.” The City Council even went so far as to say, “Griffin Living has set the bar for how development in the City of Thousand Oaks needs to be done.”

Other Griffin Living Projects In Development

Acworth-Assisted Living & Memory Care
Acworth, GA

  • Status: Approved Entitlements
  • Total Building Count: 81 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 57 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 24 Units
  • Total Building Size: 75,157 Sq. Ft.

Boca Raton-Assisted Living & Memory Care
Boca Raton, FL

  • Status: Close to Approvals
  • Total Building Count: 91Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 54 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 37Units
  • Total Building Size: 82,834 Sq. Ft.

Rancho Mirage-Assisted Living & Memory Care
Rancho Mirage, CA

  • Status: Early Forward Planning
  • Total Building Count: 86 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 55 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 31 Units
  • Total Building Size: 78,106 Sq. Ft.

Griffin Living Welcomes Aldi Supermarket to Griffin Plaza in Simi Valley, CA

Griffin Living is proud to announce Aldi Supermarket’s grand opening in the Griffin Plaza shopping center in Simi Valley, California. The opening is another step in the retail center’s renovation.

The 10.7 acre Griffin Plaza in Simi Valley is at the corner of Tapo Canyon Road and Cochran Street. Calabasas-based Griffin Living started the renovation of the plaza after several years of intense planning. “The existing buildings are being freshened up with a modern design,” says Paul Griffin III, CEO, and President of Griffin Living.

Griffin Plaza will also be the home of a new senior living community that Griffin Living is developing. The idea of housing seniors in a shopping center setting is a paradigm shift in senior living. However, it addresses some of seniors most pressing needs, namely staying connected to their community and being able to walk to places such as a grocery store. Paul Griffin explains, ‘Griffin Living is on the cutting-edge of this concept, and we understand that people want to be involved, and they want the convenience of being close to stores, restaurants, markets, medical facilities and the list goes on and on. It’s just a more convenient lifestyle for them and their loved ones that are visiting.”

Griffin Living is Transforming Expectations as Demands for Senior Communities Change

The majority of senior housing options fall under two categories, one for the poor and one for the ultrarich. With government-funded Medicaid facilities that often fail the aging population and the pricey senior communities that can be upwards of $90,000 per year, there are not many options for the middle-class, growing senior population. Griffin Living is changing the senior housing landscape by planning communities that are geared toward these baby boomers budgets and their needs.

Recently, a survey released by A Place for Mom reported that 53% of seniors viewed walkability as the most important factor when choosing a senior living community. Seniors want to be near the attractions and conveniences like restaurants, grocery stores, shops, medical facilities, and entertainment. Griffin Living specializes in building senior communities that are close to, and in some cases nestled in, shopping centers. They are leading a new trend that puts the needs of today’s seniors first.

Paul Griffin III, CEO and President of Griffin Living explains, “Just because people are getting older, doesn’t mean they want to shut themselves out from the world. Most seniors prefer to be around all ages of people and within a community that is thriving.”

Griffin Living designs and builds their senior communities to be more affordable, but still offer top-notch amenities like indoor-outdoor spaces, lounges, community centers, salons, health centers, pools, walking paths and much more.

Griffin Living is a highly experienced, senior-needs-focused developer, committed to enriching the lives of residents, their families, and the community, by providing personalized care, welcoming living spaces, exceptional amenities, and personalized service.

For over 40 years, Paul Griffin has focused his efforts on creating and managing award-winning communities where residents can flourish and thrive. He is a fifth-generation home-builder who has received numerous national awards for innovation and design and amassed a total of $4.5 billion in assets developed.

Experts Believe Senior Housing is the Next Industry in Line for Disruption

As industry after industry is disrupted by technological innovations, shifts in demographics, and new modes of thinking, experts gathered at the Senior Living Innovation Forum (SLIF) and declared that senior housing is now reckoning with a disruption of its own. An invitation-only event, SLIF took place in Santa Barbara, California on June 24 and 25 and included executives from the nation’s top senior living providers. The topic on everyone’s lips was what the future holds for senior living. While opinions differed on the details, the general consensus was that major changes are happening. As Charles Turner, CEO at Invidia for Seniors and moderator of the SLIF keynote panel discussion, puts it, “Disruption is here. Tectonic shifts are affecting our industry that we are not prepared for.”

Among those in attendance at the event were Paul Griffin III, President and CEO of Griffin Living, and John C. Terando, Griffin Living’s SVP, Western States. Both have been active in developing and operating senior living communities since Griffin Living’s inception in 2009 and both felt that what they heard at SLIF validated what they are seeing in the current senior living market place. John Terando explains, “As Baby Boomers enter the senior living market, they have a differing perspective as to what they require compared to their parents. They want more intergenerational and purpose-driven interactions within the community. They want continuing education opportunities. Larger living spaces with more amenities that allow for more choices are becoming the norm for successful senior communities.”

One of the highlights of SLIF was a presentation by Marriott’s Lionel Sussman that discussed activating a space’s lobby, meaning making the lobby an activity space as opposed to a space that people simply pass through. Paul Griffin states, “Lionel’s talk confirmed our efforts to ‘activate the lobby’ so we can use that space flexibly to provide multiple activities as opposed to the first formal lobby we first designed that looks beautiful but doesn’t get fully used.” Paul continues, “For Griffin Living, it’s all about creating spaces that inspire purpose-focused living. Senior living providers need to develop spaces and activities that have a sense of purpose behind them be it small ones, like looking forward to the next family dinner provided by us, or bigger ones, like developing friends and social connections that bring greater meaning and fulfillment to their new home and community.”

John Terando summed up the feeling of many at the conference saying, “We don’t want to be obsolete the day we open a community, so we’re committed to not doing the same repetitive thing the industry has been doing for years. One of the most direct and impactful takeaways from the Senior Living Innovation Forum was a well-timed quote of Bill Gates delivered by Bob Kramer, founder of N.I.C., and used to drive home his point about innovation and change. ‘We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.’ We don’t want to be lulled into not listening and anticipating the big changes coming in our industry.”


Sheridan at Eastside Personalized Care for Seniors

The Sheridan at Eastside: Leading in Personalized Care for Seniors

Griffin Living In the fall of 2019, The Sheridan at Eastside will open and Snellville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, will become home to one of the country’s best in class personalized care senior living communities. Developed, owned, and operated as a joint venture between Griffin Living and Senior Lifestyle, The Sheridan at Eastside is poised to be the benchmark by which other senior living communities in Georgia are measured.

Here are some key facts about the community. The Sheridan at Eastside has 214 units, with 32 independent living cottages, 90 independent living suites, 60 assisted living units, and 32 memory care units. The community is situated on 15 lush acres overlooking scenic woodlands and a tranquil lake. The total building area is 162,615 square feet, with a rentable area of 162,615 square feet. The project architect was Curt Gaines Hall Jones Architect. Inc.

But what makes the Sheridan at Eastside truly unique is its amenities and its dedication to the personalized care of its residents. Take its dining options for example. Dining is often the centerpiece of a family visit and The Sheridan at Eastside’s staff alway strive to make each meal an event to remember. Residents can make special arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, or other family gatherings. And the kitchen staff is happy to take special requests for menu items, even, attempting to recreate beloved family recipes. Other highlights of living at the Sheridan at Eastside include personalized fitness and wellness programs, visits from students from local schools, happy hours where residents and their guests can mingle and entertain, and programs that help connect seniors and technology. Paul Griffin III, CEO and President of Griffin Living explains, “Having these options is critical for the aging.”

The Sheridan at Eastside is part of a family of senior living communities by Griffin Living. Other communities include VivaBella at Simi Valley in Simi Valley, California and VivaBella at Westlake Village in Thousand Oaks, California, both currently in development. Griffin Living is headquartered in Calabasas, California and has additional offices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Griffin Living - How to Keep Seniors Connected

How to Keep Seniors Connected to their Community? Griffin Living has a Plan.

Griffin Living
Griffin Living

Seniors want to live in areas that allow them to be active and engaged in society. Not all seniors want to live their lives on the outskirts of towns far away from the lifeline of the community. This fervor for remaining integrated with the community is why there has been a shift in senior community locations. More companies understand that being in walkable neighborhoods with the convenience of storefronts, restaurants and social activities is growing increasingly popular. Walking is the number one preferred exercise for seniors, as it keeps them healthier, mentally sharper, and adds years to their lives. It also allows them to stay socially connected to their neighborhoods and communities.

Griffin Living, a developer, and operator of senior living communities, understands this new paradigm and has been strategically purchasing land that’s in close proximity to walkable neighborhood amenities like retail center and walking trails. For example, in Simi Valley California Griffin Living took the opportunity to revamp an entire shopping plaza as an interactive lifestyle community center and is developing a new assisted living and memory care community called VivaBella at Simi Valley in the renovated plaza. To do this they worked in close collaboration with the city’s citizens and the city council to create a space that was more than just a home for seniors, but also a neighborhood gathering place where seniors and the community could come together to shop, eat, visit, and play.

Paul Griffin III, CEO, and President of Griffin Living explains, “We wanted to provide the community, our store owners, and senior residents with an enhanced lifestyle experience with things like central fountains where kids could play and mix with seniors.” He continues, “For our senior residents this created the unique opportunity for them to feel more a part of their communities and have easy step-out-the-door access to safe walking, grocery, and drug store as well as places for their families to easily walk to catch a bite to eat.”

VivaBella at Simi Valley is scheduled to open in the second half of 2019. It will have 78 assisted living units and 23 memory care units as part of a 97,000 square foot building. For more information, go to

Mathew Griffin of Griffin Living - Hospitality in Senior Living

Mathew Griffin of Griffin Living Discusses the New Paradigm for Hospitality in Senior Living

Mathew GriffinMathew Griffin, SVP at Griffin Living, a developer, and operator of senior living communities, engaged in a round table discussion on the hospitality industry’s surging influence on senior living design and operation. The event was part of day one of the 2019 Urban Land Institute Florida Summit.

Entitled, “Designing Senior Living for a New Hospitality, Health Care Paradigm,” the panel discussed how senior living developers and operators were currently taking cues from the hospitality industry and what opportunities lie ahead.

What senior living developers and operators know is that 11,000 people are turning 65 every day for the next 10+ years and these seniors have high expectations for their housing. Designing and operating communities that meet those expectations is mandatory for senior living developers and operators to stay competitive.

Mathew Griffin was an ideal candidate to join the panel as he has overseen the development of one of the most exciting new senior living communities in the Southeast, the Sheridan at Eastside in Snellville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. The project, which is a joint venture with Senior Lifestyle, opens in the fall of 2019 and epitomizes the merging of the hospitality sector with senior living. It has 32 independent living cottages, 90 independent living suites, 60 assisted living units, and 32 memory care units, all served by a dedicated staff focused on resident satisfaction.

Mathew Griffin was joined on the panel by Michael Hass of Drive Development Partners, Robert J. Kanjian of Building Solutions, LLC, and Michael Rodebaugh of Leo A Daly.

Griffin Living - Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Griffin Living Sheds Light on Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Griffin LivingJune is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month and Griffin Living, a developer and operator of senior living communities, is highlighting their commitment to providing well-designed housing and compassionate care to those requiring memory care.

Nearly 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and that number is expected to triple by 2050. Griffin Living is preparing for this increase by developing the communities needed for tomorrow, today.

In Simi Valley, California, Griffin Living is constructing VivaBella at Simi Valley, a senior living community with 78 assisted living units and 23 memory care units. In Thousand Oaks, California, Griffin Living is developing VivaBella at Westlake Village, which will have 58 units for assisted living and 28 units for memory care. Across the country in Snellville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, Griffin Living, in a joint venture with Senior Lifestyle, has built and is currently leasing, The Sheridan at Eastside, with 32 independent living cottages, 90 independent living suites, 60 units for assisted living, and 32 units for memory care.

Paul E Griffin III, CEO and president of Griffin Living states, “At Griffin Living, we realized long ago that our mission was not just to build buildings. It was to create innovative communities that help residents thrive in a vibrant, caring environment. This is our passion and mission. As a highly experienced, senior-needs-focused, owner/developer, we are committed to creating the finest senior living communities in the industry.” He continues, “Each Griffin Living community is an impressive combination of prime location, innovative design, impressive amenities, and a committed, caring staff. All of our living spaces are comfortable, inviting, and well-appointed. In addition, each development has been built to the highest construction standards. Griffin Living is growing and continuing to expand our presence across the country. We are continually looking for municipalities where we can make a difference by providing superior quality senior living experiences for underserved 55+ populations.”

Griffin Living - Aging Population’s Needs

Griffin Living’s Senior Communities Meet Our Aging Population’s Needs

 With aging comes change and often one of those changes is a change in housing. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for seniors to find a housing option that meets their needs.

For example, what if a couple wants to live together, but one requires ongoing medical care? Or what if a spouse has been diagnosed with a condition that is not an issue now, but will require memory care in the future? Or what if a person has recently had their partner pass, and they are now searching for a loving community where they can start a new chapter of their life? Many of these situations lead individuals to a senior living community. And when it comes to planning, building, and services, Griffin Living, a family-owned company that develops and operates senior living communities around the country, is one of the best in the business. Below are two of their most recent developments.

VivaBella at Simi Valley-Simi Valley, CA

VivaBella at Simi Valley is an assisted living and memory care community currently under construction and was recently the winner of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Best 55+ Assisted Living or Special Needs Community on the Boards Gold/Innovation Award. VivaBella at Simi Valley earned this award for innovation because it is truly a game-changing concept in senior living. What makes it so radically different from other senior living developments is that Griffin Living is building the community within a shopping center. The shopping center that will be home to VivaBella at Simi Valley, is Griffin Plaza, which is owned by the Griffin Living-related entity the Griffin Family Trust and is undergoing its own renovation as VivaBella at Simi Valley is being built. Integrating a senior community within a shopping center addresses the number one housing concern of seniors, which is to live within a community that allows them walking access to a grocery store. When renovations are completed in late 2019, Griffin Plaza will boast a brand new Aldi supermarket, a completely revamped CVS pharmacy, as well as restaurants, a variety of stores, and shaded, grassy common areas lined with benches and fountains. Griffin Living is also carefully integrating the walkways between the senior community and the retail space to ensure that the paths are senior-friendly and can provide safe and pleasant passage between the two areas. Paul E. Griffin III, President & CEO of Griffin Living explains, “Griffin Plaza is a prime example of our innovative approach to designing senior living communities.” VivaBella at Simi Valley will offer 58 units of assisted living and 28 units of memory care.

VivaBella at Westlake Village-Thousand Oaks, CA

VivaBella at Westlake Village, currently under development, is a senior living community that will provide assisted living and memory care. The project features a village-like design that includes elegant courtyards, thoughtful landscaping, wide setbacks, and striking architectural elements. The project’s sophisticated design and Griffin Living’s professionalism throughout the development process have earned Griffin Living wide-spread praise from the city council, which said, “Griffin Living has set the bar for how development in the City of Thousand Oaks needs to be done.” Thousand Oaks mayor Andy Fox adds, “This is a classic case study of how to do it right.”

Beyond these projects, Griffin Living has multiple new projects in the pipeline in California, Connecticut, Georgia, and Florida. Paul Griffin states, “We are continually looking for municipalities where we can make a difference by providing superior quality senior living experiences for underserved fifty-five plus populations.”

Griffin Living - Winning Community Support

By Winning Community Support, Griffin Living Builds Where Others Cannot

Using a strategy of neighborhood engagement and creative problem solving, Griffin Living is able to do what many other developers cannot, build in growth-restricted communities.

Griffin LivingGriffin Living is a developer and operator of senior living communities with a mission to keep seniors woven into the fabric of their neighborhoods. They believe that building in the heart of a community is key to helping seniors stay connected to that community. However, many communities are wary of new developments because they feel they can degrade the quality of life. Griffin Living has learned to overcome these obstacles by engaging with the community, listening to their concerns, and devising solutions that make all stakeholders happy.

As an example, in Spring of 2019 after rejecting several companies bids to build senior-care communities, the Thousand Oaks city council gave Griffin Living the green light to develop VivaBella at Westlake Village, an assisted living and memory care community.

In this case, there were concerns about traffic, noise, and tree removal. Griffin Living listened closely to the concerns of neighbors, politicians, and other stakeholders in the area and eventually came up with solutions to all issues raised and earned widespread support.

For example, the Griffin team addressed traffic concerns by proposing an innovative traffic circle solution. It won the approval of the neighborhood and homeowners associations and its acceptance became a turning point in the project’s development.

Linda Spencer, president of the Westlake Hills Property Owners Association said, “Griffin has been extremely good partners. They’ve listened to any kind of concern any residents had . . . and the attention to detail in regard to the aesthetic of the property—anything I can think of that anybody ever brought up as a concern, they’ve addressed.”

Thousand Oaks Mayor Andy Fox described Griffin Living’s development process as, “This is a classic case study of how to do it right.”

VivaBella at Westlake will have 89 units, including a memory facility for those with neurodegenerative conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. With the onset of growing cognitive disorders, state-of-the-art, well-planned communities, like those that are developed by Griffin Living, are vital for the aging population. Currently, 6 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s and dementia. By 2050, dementia is estimated to triple and affect upwards of 15 million people. Long-term care is also on the rise, and by 2050, over 20 million seniors will require assistance. Planning for those future conditions is critical and Griffin Living is at the forefront of this movement.

Griffin Living is led by its founder and CEO, Paul E. Griffin, III. Its headquarters are in Calabasas, California and they also have offices in Atlanta, Georgia.